Intelligent Collaboration Technology in Distribution Computing and Networking

As the exponential growth of data, due to ubiquitous portable devices, machine to machine communications, and novel user-centric applications, the demands for Intelligent Collaboration is increasing.  However, before we can enjoy the benefits of Intelligent Collaboration, there are several challenges that should be solved, such as lack of theoretical and technical support. Therefore, this workshop will invite a part of leading researchers and developers to explore recent advanced theories and technologies of intelligent collaboration technology in distribution computing and networking.

The Intelligent Collaboration Technology in Distribution Computing and Networking workshop focuses on all topics of distribution computing and networking, including but not limited to:

       Advanced theories for Intelligent Collaboration

       Autonomous system in Wireless personal communication

       Advanced communication network design and implementation for intelligent collaboration

       Operating system and framework for intelligent collaboration

       Remote sensing and image processing using artificial intelligence and machine learning

       Radar detection and signal processing using artificial intelligence and machine learning

       Advanced workload allocation and offloading mechanisms for IoT collaboration

       Green and sustainable resource management in intelligent collaboration

       Performance optimization in intelligent collaboration

       Advanced security and privacy for intelligent collaboration

       Tools and benchmarks for intelligent system under intelligent collaboration

       Privacy-preserving techniques in distributed machine learning

       Wireless Communications and Networks (5G, Sensor, Cognitive Networks, Mesh, etc.)

       Parallel and Distributed Computing

       Mobile Computing, Internet of Things

       Security for Networks, Communications, Applications, Collaborations, Blockchain theory, Systems

       Web services and Internet computing

       Peer-to-peer network computing and overlaying networks

       Wireless network simulations, implementation and applications

       Safety analysis method and tools for distributed computing and networking


Workshop Chair:

Lisong Wang, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics ,