Workshop on Wireless Communications and Computer Vision Applications (WCCVA 2024)


The fusion of wireless communications and computer vision has birthed a myriad of innovations, paving the way for the next frontier of technological advancements. As 5G and 6G begin to redefine the limits of wireless communications, the capabilities of computer vision, powered by deep learning, have expanded the horizons of what's achievable. The WCCVA 2024 seeks to illuminate the synthesis of these domains, emphasizing their collective potential to shape a future marked by integrated, intelligent, and seamless technologies.

While both wireless communications and computer vision have individually experienced significant growth, their combined potential remains largely untapped. This interdisciplinary confluence can unlock novel applications, ranging from enhanced AR/VR experiences reliant on low-latency communications to real-time video analytics powered by edge devices in the wireless realm.

Given the rapidly evolving landscape of both fields, the workshop aspires to become a beacon for researchers, industry experts, and innovators. WCCVA 2024 aims to foster dialogue, collaboration, and the cross-pollination of ideas, charting the roadmap for the evolution of wireless-visual applications and solutions.

The expected submissions are invited on topics including, but not limited to:

u  Real-time Video Analysis over Wireless Networks

u  Augmented & Virtual Reality over Advanced Wireless Networks

u  Wireless-enabled Robotics using Computer Vision

u  Security Protocols for Visual Wireless Communication

u  On-device Processing and Learning for Visual Data

u  5G/6G-enabled Real-time Video Streaming

u  Edge AI and On-device Computer Vision

u  Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in Wireless Networks

u  Remote Robotics and Drones

u  Wireless Surveillance Systems

u  Efficient Model Transfer in Wireless Networks

u  Secure Visual Data Transmission

u  Collaborative and Federated Learning for Vision Applications

u  Optimized Visual Content Delivery

u  Wireless-enabled Smart City Applications


Submission Guidelines:

Both Tex and Word source files are acceptable for potential submissions. The template in Latex format can be downloaded at, while that in Word format is available at

Original, unpublished work only.

Up to 8 pages including references.

Use the WCCVA 2023 submission portal:


Guest editors:

Prof. Zhenyu Na, Dalian Maritime University, Dalian, Liaoning, China

Prof. Zhian Deng, Harbin Engineering University, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China

Prof. Jiaqi Zhen, Heilongjiang University, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China


Important Dates:

Paper Submission Deadline: July 1, 2024

Acceptance Notification: July 15, 2024

Camera Ready Paper: July 25, 2024